Wednesday, May 15, 2013

About Mens T-shirt

mens tshirt

T-shirts which include the common fashion for men in the world. It has taken less time to diversify its fashion and modernism spreading worldwide. Basic feature of T- shirt is that it will have sleeves, neck, and collar. Usually it is made of cotton, but in modern age beside textile and industrial age it is not bound its modernism only cotton .it is now made of Rexene, woven, silk., Etc. once upon a time people use long shirt but at present young people feel more comfortable skin tight shirt .There are two kind of shirt people wear in there daily life. Officially they maintain casual dress because office never allows any colorful dresses. People of different ages make it a fashion according to their choice. Third world countries are mostly dependent on textile industry. Their labor is very cheap and they are producing million million ton T –shirt which is exported to western country. In 21st century lots of technology has been invented and a single factory can supply thousand T-shirt in a day.

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